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Crystal Meanings


Agate is a gentle and soothing stone. Grounding and balancing, agate allows for acceptance of who you truly are and an opportunity to speak out and remove bitterness or conflict, aligning emotional states with intellect and physical wellbeing.


An effective stone for those with difficulties in adjusting to certain environmental conditions and becoming susceptible through geopathic stress and concerns, the stone like its female race namesake is a powerful spiritual “warrior” and protector. And yet it is a stone of quietening distemper and turbulence, providing harmony and tranquillity with balance and intellectual enhancement. An immense blocker and absorber of microwaves and mobile phone emanations.


Amethyst is a powerful spiritual stone with natural tranquilizing qualities, it promotes peace and encompasses spiritual empowerment and direction. A stone that balances emotional highs and lows, allowing for stronger mindsets, focus and supreme calmness. A great stone to sleep with to assist with dream recall, out of body experiences and visualisation, it guards from physic attack and negative influences. Excellent for overcoming addictions, toxins and physical ailments. It improves the mind, aiding in memory and discernment and heightens metaphysical abilities such as psychic insight and clairvoyance.


Ametrine is a soothing stone that helps to calm the mind by clearing away negativity and tension. It is a great crystal to work with if you work in a creative field, as it helps to stimulate a creative flow to your projects. It is also known as a stone of strength, therefore if you are feeling depleted in any area of your life, ametrine will give you the boost you need to harmoniously move forward in a positive manner.


A calming and soothing crystal, this will assist you when in your most vulnerable state. A supportive and reinvigorating stone with gentle prowess, it allows for openness and expressions of humility and understanding.


Apatite is a stone for positive thought equals positive action, it attunes the mind allowing manifestation to occur at a deeper level of meditation. Another strong stone for communication, it promotes humanitarian resolutions, increasing connection with people and social ease. It fends off negative thoughts about yourself and others.


Known as the best stone for travelling over bodies of sea, it is a protective talisman worn by sailors to fend off forces of darkness and provide safe passage through turbulent waters. Aquamarine shields the aura, invokes greater perception and spiritual awareness and encourages a strong humanitarian outlook. It benefits sensitive individuals; providing strength to break negative patterns and self-defeating thoughts.


Black moonstone helps to deflect negative energy and is said to bring about a change in moods, from bad to positive. They are also extremely beneficial to grounding you in to the now moment.


Black obsidian is a potent weapon in the fight against negativity and oppression and allows us with fortitude to face our shadow side and cleanse deep within the soul the areas of our personality that hanker after or chase negative and harmful traits. It removes mental attachments, hooks and negative imprints and cords. Also excellent at counter-acting geopathic stress and environmental problems.


Known as the most effective blocker of curses psychic attack and ill-wishing, black tourmaline is a profoundly positive stone, an enormously powerful cleanser of the mind, attributing strong invocations and re-balancing traits, particularly in allowing self-confidence and inspiring notions to grow. Highly protective and cleansing, it grounds spiritual energies and aligns harmonically, creating spiritual advancement and positive intention. It protects and guards from cellphone emissions; electromagnetic disturbances, radiations and pollutants; easily dispersing negative energies and imprints, especially when gridded around the home.


Blue aragonite is a comforting stone and is a great one to have in your presence if you are lacking joy in the every day. It is also beneficial with communication, whether it be physically or on a spiritual level. It also helps you to transition through emotional turbulence, its energies guiding you through to a place of calm and peace. Blue aragonite is also said to repair broken energy within earth's ley lines.


Blue calcite contains gentle energies that promote deep relaxation and spiritual advancement. Where the mind is full of chatter, blue calcite allows for quieter contemplation and less distractions from outside noise/influence. Heightening clarity, it calms and soothes nerves, ideal for the over-anxious or easily stressed. It removes negative conditioning, absorbing energy, filtering and returning the purer energy in return.


Blue lace agate helps you to speak your truth, especially if you have difficulty articulating their own story and being heard by others. Aswell as being a stone of communication, blue lace agate helps to calm and soothe in stressful situations and provides clarity of thought in these situations.


Blue onyx is a stone that is said to provide strength and support in times it is needed. It also promotes happiness in life, especially if you feel that life hasn't dealt you a fair hand. It will help you to find contentment with what you do have, rather than focusing on what may be lacking. It is also said to help give you the resolve to eliminate any bad or negative habits.


A stone that will literally have you "abuzz", bumblebee jasper is a fiery stone of action and reclamation. It aids in increasing motivation, self-esteem and the implementation of positive life changes and encourages ideas and actions without emotional awkwardness.


This is a stone of fiery and creative passions, linking its deep red tones to the physical vitality and rejuvenating energy. It is of benefit to performers and vocalists enhancing confidence and a self-assured feeling in the performance given. A stone of motivation and positive life choices. It can be used as a stone of abundance, to attract success to business and one’s personal life. 


Encompassing the gorgeous depths of colour associated with blue Carribean seas, this astonishing recent find was only just discovered in 2019! It often combines calming oceanic blue calcite with earthy appreciations of brown and white (aragonite), which makes it look like a beautiful beach captured in crystal form. At the time of writing this, there is no known properties, therefore it is best to apply the generic properties of calcite and aragonite. However, from my own experience, it is a very calming stone to be around and its energies are extremely uplifting and there is a real vibrancy associated with it.


Celestite is a deeply divine connector, it soothes and uplifts stressed minds and worrysome types; naturally calming and appropriate for smoothing discord in relationships and ongoing tensions. A great mental cleanser, it provides balance between emotions and aligns intellect with instincts, allowing for more positive outlooks. It heals the aura and connects with angelic and divine realms.


A great stone of transformation, it's usually a deep purple in colour with vibrant swirls and delicate patterns. It is said to help in eliminating negativity. It removes spiritual blockages, bringing with it an uplifting feeling of calm. Excellent for improving sleep, it combats nightmares and is also a powerful dream stone that connects past life events to the present. 


Chrysocolla is a powerful energy conduit that is useful for placing around the home to eliminate negative atmospheres and debilitating oppressive energies that are seeping in, rectifying relationships affected and stabilising and cleansing the aura. It assimilates more serenity and loving natures into one’s outlook. A strong communication stone that recognises when silence or speaking out is appropriate.


Citrine is known as the “merchants stone” associated with attracting abundance, wealth, prosperity and joy into life. With its highly energising and creative abilities drawing upon revitalising energies of the sun, citrine invites optimism and happiness to those that surround themselves with it. One of three crystals that never need cleansing, it is the ultimate negative dispenser, a naturally uplifting and positive stone that absorbs, transmutes and grounds negative energies making it an important tool for the home and keeping it upbeat and serene whilst naturally cleansing and protecting the environment.


Clear Quartz is one of the most revered crystals of its kind, called by Native Americans “the brain cells of Grand Mother Earth”, believed by many ancient cultures to be reincarnated spirits or divine creatures reincarnated as the crystal. Clear quartz acts like a cosmic computer recording and storing energetic information according to each specific user on multidimensional levels, both of the physical and beyond; it is one of the most powerful energy providing crystals on the planet! Clear quartz is an exceptionally high vibrational stone, recognizing each individual’s needs and taking energy to its most perfect condition possible. It is an excellent amplifier of other crystals. 


A beautiful soother of the heart; the gorgeous pink tones of cobalto help dissipate intense emotions, providing the capacity to experience unconditional love and forgiveness and emotional growth. It releases stagnant viewpoints allowing true talents to surface and provide a platform for your ideas to flourish. Useful for placing on photos to send loving energies long distance to help remove others emotional blocks. 


Crazy lace agate is said to vibrate with immense joy And is a wonderful source of positivity. It is interesting to note that these stones are known to vibrate at a lower frequency than other crystals and promotes relaxation to those who find it difficult to sit for any length of time, so is particularly useful to those who may be burnt out, but don't know how to stop. This stone will teach them to sit in its presence and if it is held it is said to bring with its joyful vibration waves of contentment. Very powerful at warding off any unwelcome attention by way of black magics and other dark nefarious practices which may be directed your way. 


If you are a person that has built up a fortress of walls to protect your self from other people, dalmatian jasper is the stone to work with, as it helps you to slowly dismantle the walls and free yourself from the barriers that may be holding you back to live your life and fulfil your purpose, something that you may not be able to do if you keep yourself hidden.


Desert jasper (also known as polychrome jasper,) was recently discovered in 2006 in Madagascar. It ha beautiful earthy tones and can also have pinks and purples, but these are less common. Polychrome jasper is said to be a stone of transformation. It may reveal to you fresh paths on your journey and ignite creativity, which may help support you with finding your soul purpose in life. It is also said to beneficial for attracting positive life changing relationships in to your life. Polychrome is also a stabilizing stone and will teach you to ground into the natural energies of the earth. It is a very calming and nurturing stone. 


Emerald is all about the heart and stimulates and opens your heart centre and brings harmony to the self and to relationships. Also known to enhance psychic abilities, it assists in bringing you greater awareness and can especially be a helpful tool for navigating your inner compass of discernment of the truth.


Fire and ice quartz (also known as crackle quartz), gets its lovely internal cracks and fissures from heating the quartz and immediately cooling it. This results in a beautiful display of rainbow colours and fairy lights when the sun hits them. Said to be a powerful tool for manifestation, these crystals are also extremely pretty to display on a window sill to capture all of the rainbow colours.


Fire quartz is a highly energetic crystal and is said to bring vitality and it also also enhances focus, therefore is wonderful for people who are unable to concentrate for prolonged periods. It is also an amazing crystal for anyone who lacks self esteem. It is very good for grounding the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies and removing any negativity from the auric field.


Flower agate was only very recently discovered in Madagascar. It has beautiful floral patterns and can sometimes have pretty drusy and the typical transparency that is often found with agate. Flower agate has a very delicate, feminine energy and is said to be an excellent tool if working toward manifesting your desires and will help you to focus on turning your dreams in to reality.


Highly intuitive, fluorite promotes mental stability and heightened intellect; calm and rational understanding as well as spiritual focus and pursuit of happiness through the divine love of spirit. Improving self-confidence and inner-belief, it removes outworn emotions and patterns of behaviour that no longer hold sway. It aids concentration, focus and willpower, creative thought; co-ordination, allowing for inner-balance and resolution.


Fossil coral jasper is a wonderful stone to have in your crystal tool box if you are going through a transitional period of your life that may cause negative feelings toward your self. It is said to banish these negative feelings. It is also excellent in assisting to bolster your self esteem and confidence if you have issues with self expression, especially where speech is concerned.


A life-balancer and nurturer, Golden Healer is a powerful activator and radiates and encourages peace and harmonic resonance and light on all levels. It instills positive change and reinforces and affirms positive life choices and emotional responses and experiences.


Gold sheen obsidian is said to aid in manifestation and attracting wealth in to your life. It is also very protective, just like black obsidian and when carried it will deflect any negative energies away from you by shielding your auric body. Particularly helpful if you feel you are being manipulated by someone else's controlling behaviour.


When you work with goldstone, it is said to be literally teaching you to reach for the stars. Known widely as the stone of ambition, it is said to bring confidence and drive to those who work closely with it. Although it is a man made stone, we need to remember that the metallic copper minerals that are used to create it have their very own properties and life force and we don't need to be alchemists to know there is power birthed into something that has been lovingly created! Let us not forget that we too are man made and we are extremely powerful beings.


Green Moonstone, also known as garnierite has a very gentle and soothing vibration and allows you to filter things through your heart lens, allowing you to have full clarity of a situation or emotion, this enables you to grow and let go of that which no longer serves. It is the perfect stone to sit with if you have difficulty connecting to your heart space during meditation.


A nourishing and rejuvenating stone; it aids in allowing us to see inwardly and recognise our own strengths and abilities to stand aloft and be confident in who we are, relying on our inner strengths and resolve to face challenges with emotional stamina and support. 


An excellent stone for grounding, hematite is also said to be a shielding stone and is highly protective and helps to dissolve negative energy and transforms these energies in to more positive frequencies, therefore is a wonderful stone to work with during times of stress. 


Hemimorphite stones assist in transmuting sadness into joy; loss into fulfillment, a stone of empathy, compassion and recognition of true identity and the best way forward in servitude to others. It channels a stronger focus on others and enhancing relationships and understanding of your own feelings and the outcomes of their effects. It is a wonderful aid in communication and transition into positive change. 


Howlite is a stone of peace and is a super calming stone said to help you to drift in to sleep easily. An excellent stone to carry if you are prone to emotional outbursts, especially if you have issues with rage. Also wonderful for people who are impatient and easily stressed.


Kunzite brings with its pure energies a sense of inner peace and joy. It will assist you in connecting with your emotions and will ever so gently open the heart delicately, like a flowering bud and gently stimulates a healing connection to the emotional body. This stone knows at its purest core that the secret to healing any emotional trauma is done through self love is achieved in and through the heart portal.


Kyanite has a calming effect on the body and is the perfect stone to sit with during meditation. It is one of the very few stones that doesn't require cleansing. It is said to be one of the most effective crystals to use to align and balance all of the chakras. Kyanite vibrates at a very high rate and this vibrant energy will help to lift you into a higher frequency. It is also said to place a shield of protective energy around you when you work with it and therefore is extremely beneficial to those who do energy work. 


Labradorite is known for its mystical and protective powers. The stone was believed to be the dazzling hues of the northern lighs by the native Canadians, which they believed were captured as magical frozen fire. Labradorite will assist you with connecting in to your spiritual awareness, it encourages cosmic growth on all levels of your being and will help you to tap into your gifts. Sit with this point quietly and allow it to unlock all the secrets that you hold within yourself.


Believed by Egyptians to be the soul of gods and to guide the soul into immortality; it contains irrevocable serenity on a high vibrational level. Protective for those under psychic attack or spiritual duress, lapis is considered an amazing metaphysical tool par excellence – opening gateways spiritual empowerment and advanced progression with clarity and loving qualities. Lapis highlights the power of the spoken word, it allows for personal, yet peaceful truths to resonate and be embraced. It encourages and defines expression of opinions without hostility or the want to cause conflict.


A gorgeous stone full of vitality and resolve, larimar represents peace, wisdom and clarity; aiding and focusing on positive intention and outcomes. Radiating loving composure, it assists in stress relieving and overcoming fears and worries. It stimulates strong communication and truthful resonance.


Leopard skin jasper is a stunning stone of many colours, but is named because of its beautiful leopard like patterning. It is an amazing stone which instills a nurturing feeling of peace. It is both an excellent stone for grounding and protection and is particularly beneficial if you are travelling physically, aswell as in the astral realms.


A superb soother and deeply calm inducing stone, lepidolite is a powerful mind tool. It is excellent for dispensing electro-magnetic pollution and should be used around computers or gridded around the home. A stone of transition – it removes negative conditioning and replaces with positive intention and action. It reveals spiritual blockages and provides insight for resolution, allowing for personal growth and independence and the resolve and equanimity to achieve goals by yourself.


A stone considered a wonderful shamanic tool, it summarises the process of journeying, both a reflective and literal sense, allowing you to focus, and aids in assessment, outcome and clarity as to what you need to do in order to progress forward.


A gorgeous stone full of vitality and resolve, it represents peace, wisdom and clarity; aiding and focusing on positive intention and outcomes. Radiating loving composure, it assists in stress relieving and overcoming fears and worries. It stimulates strong communication and truthful resonance.


Malachite is a great cleanser for the emotional body and is a wonderful stone to remove negative energies if you have any troublesome entities or attachments around you. It's a powerful energy conduit. It recognises anything that is blocking your spiritual growth that may affect your thoughts and actions. It's a very important protection stone, as it eliminates negative energies and pollutants on the environment such as emf's.


Mangano calcite is a gorgeous pink stone embodying unconditional love. It is said to remove fear and grief, releasing the heart from emotional pain and distress, especially trauma and damaged self worth. A stone of forgiveness, it is said to facilitate contact with the angelic realms, easing anxieties and tensions.


A beautiful stone for enhancing the use of the mind, it is a useful aid in studying, concentration and focus, to allow problem solving; positive reinforcement and emotional wellbeing. In turn that will stimulate confidence and self-esteem.


Mookaite is said to be a powerful healing stone, it connects you to the healing energies of the earth. It is said to be able to tap into ancient knowledge and your genetic memory to help heal old trauma. It also offers strength and when you work with this stone it will help you make the right decision, especially if it is life changing.


Moonstone is the perfect stone if you are seeking a new beginning in your life. It assists in building inner fortitude and soothes and calms, helping one to centre the self and brings with it a sense of peace. It is also a stone of good fortune and will help you to find the inspiration needed to succeed especially where matters of business are concerned.


Moss agate is very connected to the earth and is an excellent stone to help you to feel grounded and connect to Mother Earth. Its magical vibration will bring you back to nature wherever you are. The vibration of this stone will also help you to attract abundance and prosperity. It is said that nature spirits are attracted to its frequency and some people put it in their gardens for this reason.


Ocean jasper is said to assist in raising the frequency of the heart to stimulate feelings of joy and happiness and soothes the soul. It is also said to be closely connected to the energies of Atlantis. Typifying the calming, rhythmic pulse of the sea, ocean jasper invites peace and aids in letting go – attuning users to the profound essence of Nature and its oneness. Like all jaspers, it soothes away stress like the motions of the tide; focusing on applying comfort and joy, cleansing away any negative imprints. A powerful disperser for unwanted emotions and baleful thoughts it is suitable to use in effect against nightmares.


Peridot is widely known as the stone of compassion. It is said to help balance the emotions and brings with it peace and vitality. Keep a piece of peridot or a small bowl of chips by your bed for a restful sleep.


Petrified wood represents perseverance and spiritual transformation. A powerful aid in allowing its user to ground spiritual energies, it provides connections and solutions to lost souls or those who have trouble understanding the past. Ancient people looked upon this stone as magical tokens and totems of knowledge and wisdom, as represented by the life force of the forest. As its "roots" suggest, it is one of the most powerful stones to assist you in grounding. In meditation it is said to provide access to the Akashic records.


Pink aragonite connects deeply with earth's energies and It is said to help you tap into the to help you recharge if you are feeling a bit depleted. It also helps you to reconnect to the earth and Helps you to centre yourself especially in times of emotional upheaval. It is also said to assist in unblocking past life memories to help you move past that which no longer serves and is holding you back in the present.


Pink opal is found in the Andes and is said to be very beneficial with removing fear and emotional turmoil and is very strongly aligned with the heart. It allows you to let go of any emotional baggage which may have been buried and you are carrying, especially where matters of the heart are concerned. It also helps to activate the heart and open it to allow love to filter in and out, whilst also allowing you to ground and calm your senses.


This has a delightful energy and combines the pink tourmaline vibration with lepidolite making it a must have in your crystal tool box, as it blends its charming energies to work on both the mental energy aswell as the heart energy. As we know lepidolite works primarily with the mind and pink tourmaline with the heart. This makes a powerful combination for those with anxiety, who can be tough on themselves and struggle with self love. The pink tourmaline works to soften and open the heart and the lepidolite calms and soothes the mind.


Prehnite with epidote is said to promote unconditional love and when you work with this stone it will bring harmony and peace in to your life. This is also a dynamic healing duo, known widely as the stone to 'heal the healer'.


Formerly mistaken for fool’s gold, pyrite is a dynamic, fast acting and powerful stone, derived from the Greek for “firestone”, because it was believed to hold fire in its core. A wonderful energy shield – pyrite is effective at blocking pollutants and negative energies whilst also reinforcing the auric body and preventing energy leakages from the physical and subtle bodies, protecting against harm. It instils a positive outlook and helps see beyond the superficial, impelling towards absolute truth and personal empowerment. An immensely powerful stone of manifestation. 


Red calcite is a wonderful stone to work with if you feel you are lacking energy or enthusiasm for life. It is also a very grounding stone and is perfect to use whilst meditating if you easily 'float' away from the stillness in to the mind chatter. It will help you to ground in to Gaia's energies.


Red jasper brings with it incredible grounding properties and is a comforting, yet powerful stone that brings courage and strength to those who choose to align themselves with its vibration. It also helps to calm people who have issues with aggression.


Beautiful rhodochrosite is a subtle stone for rekindling lost passions and awareness of self love for a greater or higher good on a collective scale, it is a stone for compassion and the giving and receiving of unconditional love. It is said to help in times of emotional stress and can be especially beneficial to those who are recovering from sexual abuse. A superb stone for expanding consciousness in creative areas and through the dream state.


Another gorgeous pink crystal, rhodonite promotes forgiveness and compassion, particularly for humanity. A strong emotional nurturer and stabiliser, especially useful for “soul shocks” and past life traumas. It promotes ‘unselfish’ self-love and tolerance of others, supporting the soul on its loving journey. 


Considered the greatest mender of the heart, rose quartz is the stone encompassing unconditional love & infinite peace. Its beautiful, vibrant pink necessitates attracting love at all levels. Life affirming, supportive and nurturing, rose quartz draws you into emotional bliss and transmutation from negative patterning and conditioning. It teaches you to value yourself and apply self-worth and self-love on more radiant levels. Suitable for handling grief, it allows for comfort and aid during times of struggle and sadness.


Rubellite with quartz has a very loving vibration and is said to open the heart. It is also said to provide comfort during times of emotional upheaval or sorrow.


A gorgeous combination and recent discovery in only Southern India, these two crystals combine effectively and beautifully to promote self-expression, inner calm, courage and strength; helpful in eliminating emotional baggage and struggles; promoting passion and confidence.


Ruby zoisite is said to stimulate the heart, allowing it to open to divine love and in turn aids in dissipating grief, despair and anger. A powerful stone for energy workers, it is said to activate deep healing within the energy body. It is also a stone of happiness and abundance.


Rutilated quartz is wonderful for protecting against others who may be wishing you ill will or harm. It is said to bathe the soul in golden light and assist in your spiritual evolution. It is the perfect tool to cleanse the aura and energise the spiritual body, as it draws off any heavy negative energy that can later manifest in to dis-ease. If you have trouble with letting go of the past, then this crystal will also be beneficial.


Powerfully nurturing, Septarian encompasses spirituality, connecting to devic energies (nature spirits) and capturing a sense of wholeness on a meditative level, allowing you access to look deeper within and find resolution to a lack of growth, awareness or general happiness. A useful tool for public speaking, it imbues the speaker with confidence in delivering their message effectively and with clarity. 


Considered more feminine in nature, a wonderful aid in exploring the feminine qualities and integrating them into ones wellbeing and wholeness. A stone for emotional encouragement, holistic joy and nurturing loving qualities.


Shattuckite is considered a stone of intuition and heightened awareness. It aids in clearing our thoughts from negative viewpoints, allowing for translation of thoughts, ideas and positive intentions.


Shungite is a powerful stone believed to be around 2 billion years old and is largely carbon based and is the only known natural mineral that contains fullerenes, which is basically an antioxidant that neutralises free radicals in crystalline form. It is said to purify mind, body and soul. It is fiercely protective, grounding and shields nasty emf's. It clears and balances  all of your different 'bodies' on a multi dimensional level and will shield you from anything negative. Shungite will also purify your water, infusing it with fullerenes!


Considered one of the most effective grounding and cleansing stones, it has a strong connection to the Earth – providing supreme cleansing of the area beneath you and around you, promoting concern and care for the planet and environment. An immense blocker and absorber of microwaves and mobile phone emanations.


Snowflake obsidian is the perfect stone for those who have trouble simply stopping to sit and surrendering to the inward practice of meditation. It is said to help release negative thought patterns that may be holding you back and provides a sense of peace and balance to the body, mind connection. 


A very tranquil stone, sodalite works closely with the throat chakra and is said to help assist people who have difficulty with speaking their truth, and sodalite encourages you to do so gently, yet effectively. Allow this beautiful stone to guide you during meditation to bring about helpful insights when making decisions without the interference of  judgment or ego.


Spiderweb jasper teaches us to slow down and relax and is super soothing, so if you feel on edge or like your nerves are frayed, it is a great one to sit with and work with.


Spirit quartz has a very high vibration. It has powerful cleansing properties and is said to bring the whole chakra system into perfect alignment, whilst purifying and protecting the light body and the physical body. It is the perfect tool to assist in your spiritual evolution. It is said that its energetic power is magnified via all the tiny crystals that shine like a thousand fractal lights in to the core of your being, harmonising your own frequency. 


Strawberry quartz is said to connect to the centre of the universe and carries with it all the energies of clear quartz, but also woven into its frequency is a deep vibration of love which fills the heart core with overwhelmingly beautiful feelings of loving energies. It is said to have been used in healing ceremonies in Atlantis and Lemuria and may assist in tapping in to connections you may have had from incarnations in these ancient times.


Sunstone is suggested to capture the spirit and vitality of the sun. It is a stone for joy, peace and abundance. Known as a stone to enhance originality and creative talents, it has a flair for revealing talents and encouraging independence. 


Tiffany stone is a stone of transformation and is said to be particularly beneficial to those trying to develop psychic abilities. It will also gently guide you to work more from a heart centred space, as it is a stone that wants you to remember what it is you came here to do. Your soul purpose.


Tiger eye grounds spiritual energies into the physical plane and promotes self-confidence, courage and empowerment through heightened awareness. Useful for eliminating feelings of alienation or abandonment and eroding addictive personality traits that veer towards the negative end of the spectrum, facilitating necessary change.


Unakite is a beautiful combination of pink feldspar, epidote and clear quartz. It is said to be an excellent calming stone and is also excellent if trying to hone your psychic skills. Unakite is also known as the midwives stone and is strongly connected to the womb and divine feminine energy.


Beautiful in its natural hues, glittery and crystal-soothing vanadinite is a robust and revitalizing stone; grounding and balancing and re-addressing negative imprints and thoughts. It recaptures the power lost of an individual, assisting in letting go of wounded feelings and experiences. 


Violet or lilac jasper is a soothing stone which is said to support during times of stress and anxiety and brings with it the courage to deal with these issues.


Yellow calcite is said to assist in clearing stagnant energy which may be causing you to become trapped in old patterns. When you choose to work with this crystal you will feel motivated and empowered as any self doubt that was holding you back will simply dissolve in its vibration.


Yellow crazy lace agate is also known as the laughter stone. It is an extremely protective stone and is so powerful that it can effectively ward off curses and black magics, such as the evil eye and protects against negative and troublesome entities and spirits. If you have a piece of this beautiful stone nearby it is sure to bring you much joy and happiness. It is also a very effective grounding stone and brings balance. Only found in Chihuahua, Mexico.


Yellow jasper is very connected to the earth and is the perfect stone for grounding, especially if you feel you don't belong, it will nurture you and help you to adjust to any feelings you may have about this, as it gently grounds you to Mother Gaia. Yellow jasper also helps you to feel confident on any journey that you are on.